Straight out of a Magazine

Recently, I had the opportunity to shoot choreographer Dominque Horton with up and coming stylist Taylor Wilson. I am at the core a fashion guy so when I’m lucky enough to be shooting someone who knows their body paired with someone who likes pushing the lines of fashion; it almost guarantees a great shot. I enjoy the look and feel of the big fashion magazines and this shoot gave me the space to play and practice that very same thing. I have always admired how the photographers were able to catch and freeze these moments of grace and flare at just the right moment. I often thought that almost super-human sense of timing was a talent all to its self. It is something I find myself trying to replicate in my own work.  I think I got pretty close on this one. what do you think?

you can find both the stylist and model on Instagram @youlovetnasty and @allaboutdomo.

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